Computers and printing

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UAL offers computer, printing and digital facilities at all colleges. Find out where they are and how to use them:

Top-up printing

Top-up online

You can top-up your printing account online. The least you can top-up is £3, the most is £50.

Payment points

Top-up your printing account using your debit/credit card or with cash at payment points. The least you can top-up is 20p, there's no maximum. Find a payment point.

Having issues with topping up at a payment point? Please contact local support staff, e.g. library or Learning Zone staff. It may take 15 minutes for all systems to synchronise once you have topped up.

Printing costs

  • A4 black and white: 4p per page
  • A3 black and white: 8p per page
  • A4 colour: 20p per page
  • A3 colour: 32p per page

Graduating soon? It is not possible to refund your printing credits. Make sure you use up your printing credit before you leave!

Need to transfer funds from a printing card to ID card? There is a 'fund transfer point' available at each college. Find them in the libraries, the Open Access areas, and the Learning Zone at CSM King’s Cross. You'll need to have your old printing card with you to use this service. 

Lost ID card? Your printing credits will transfer to your new card automatically.

Find computer and printing facilities

There are computer and printing facilities available at every college:

Binding and laminating

You can bind or laminate your work at the Open Space at LCF, and the Digital Reprographics Area at LCC.

The Open Space at LCF High Holborn offers binding and laminating services. This space also offers:

  • paper trimmers
  • cutting mats
  • bulk copying
  • CDs
  • paper
  • tracing paper
  • acetates and other stationary

The Digital Reprographics Area at LCC offers binding and laminating services. Use of trimmers, guillotines or bulk copy here too.

Using a Multi-Functional Device (MFD)

You can scan, print and photocopy using UAL's Multi-Functional To get started:

  1. Send your file to print wirelessly, from a nearby computer or USB. See our guide to printing from USB.
  2. Swipe your student ID card on the side of the printer's reader to log in.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to scan, photocopy, and print.

Multi-Fuctional Devices are available at most UAL sites. 

Need help with an MFD? Please ask local support staff if you are unsure which computer to use, or how to set printer preferences.

Forgotten ID card? Log in to an MFD using your UAL login credentials. Press button for 'login with networking ID' and use the keypad to enter your username and password.

Wireless printing

Print wirelessly from your own device to Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs). See our step-by-step guides:

Collect your prints from Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) in the Library, Learning Zone or Open Access Areas. 


This is pilot service; you may experience intermittent connectivity when updates are installed.

All prints are automatically set to print double-sided and A3.